Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Hard boiled alter ego Jack Freeman's thriller - Operation Doublepayback - ebook available from Amazon

Hard boiled alter ego Jack Freeman's thriller "Operation DoublePayback" features 1960's Beats+CIA+International Terror, find it at for Kindle version.  Cover and plot outline below.

Plot summary

Max Blue, a long time CIA officer, involved in “roll back” guerrilla operations in Soviet occupied Eastern Europe and anti-Castro actions in the Caribbean, quit the agency after multiple debacles and betrayal from the top. In 1961, Max, now a beat generation bookseller and his Iranian wife Azar, living in London, are blackmailed by CIA officer Jack Johnson into infiltrating an Iranian revolutionary terror group (RPI).

Max and Azar are immediately caught up in a series of fast moving events - an attack on the US London Embassy, an assassination in Amsterdam, a bomb plot against the Shah in Berlin, a fire fight in the Venice lagoon, a battle with circus weightlifters, a bloody confrontation in LA, kidnap and torture in Mayfair, a growing attraction between Azar and Jack, a climactic duel and a revived affair for Max at the 1962 Edinburgh Festival. Finally, Max and Azar are in New York City during the Cuban Missile crisis and must avert a conspiracy by an RPI breakaway group to provoke the superpowers into all-out nuclear war.


Wednesday, 11 July 2012

My Festschrift talk at ICT2012

If link slides for my Festschrift talk at The 7th International Conference on Thinking, July 7, 2012, Birkbeck College, University of London  can be seen below. I ask the question...have we made much progress in understanding insight and creative problem solving?

And despite being of an age when Festschrifts and Emeritus ttles come along (and I am v grateful for them!) I plan to continue contributing to field as long as I can keep on keeping on!